All You Need To Know About Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has been highly influential on various dental maladies including bleeding gums, stained teeth and loose teeth. Dental professional Dr. Karach published a book in which he explains how this treatment can be used as an alternative to traditional medicine. This is due to one of the main advantages of it being improved dental health, but there are numerous more benefits which will be mentioned below.

As is mentioned above, this method is able to remedy the problem of loose teeth. It is also able to assist with oral infections, bad breath, tooth pain and tooth decay. By engaging, particularly with coconut oil, one is able to lift stains and in fact whiten the tooth. However, how does it work and what exactly is it?

Oil pulling coconut oil is the swirling of oil around the mouth for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, similar to a mouth wash. This may seem an exceptionally long time in comparison to the mouth wash’s 1 to 2 minutes; however, after prolonged use you will not notice the time period. After the allotted time is over you must spit the oil out and rinse your mouth.

Now that you have an idea of what is it, you must be wondering when you should complete this task? It is highly recommended that you complete this process first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast or drink your first cup of tea/coffee. Of course, you can engage in it more than one time per day, but if this is the case you must wait 4 hours after eating before oil swishing.

So, why do people consider swirling oil around their mouths each morning? In addition to resolving the problem of loose teeth, bad breath and tooth sensitivity, swishing with oil can prevent oral health-related diseases. Research has shown that some physical illnesses have been linked to poor dental health, and by this method you will be removing the different toxins and bacteria within your mouth that are responsible for making an individual ill. Once the bacterium has been removed, there is less chance of any toxins entering one’s bloodstream and causing illnesses.

There are various types of oils available featuring different types of flavors. This means that you will be able to pick and choose the organic oil you feel most comfortable with. In recent years coconut oil pulling has been noted as the most popular option, however sesame oil, sunflower oil and virgin olive oil are other effective alternatives. It is important that you obtain cold-pressed oils that are certified organic in order for the this technique to show satisfactory results. It should also be noted that these different organic oils can be used as skin moisturizers, hair treatments and make-up removers.

As can be seen, the dental technique of oil pulling coconut oil can be highly beneficial if completed appropriately. By following the instructions noted above with the correct types of oils you will be sure to attain the best dental health benefits in a natural manner.