Method For Naturally Detoxifying Your System

Before we describe it, there are a variety of organic oils that can be used. Many suggest either sesame oil or sunflower oil but others prefer olive oil, coconut oil or flax seed oil. All of these oils are readily available.

Start by taking a tablespoon of the oil and placing it in your mouth – it stay in your mouth for 20 to 25 minutes. Sit down in a comfortable place where you won’t be distracted and relax. Slowly begin to swish the oil around inside your mouth. Move it back and forth over and between your teeth.

Don’t swallow the oil. If a drop or two goes down your throat, don’t worry about it. But if you feel their is a danger you may swallow, it is better to spit it out. At first this may be a little uncomfortable. But the more times you do it, the more natural it feels.

You’ll notice your mouth begins to feel fuller as the oil thins out. When the process is complete, your mouth will feel full. Now it is time to spit the oil into the sink.

You will notice the oil is no longer clear. If it is white in color it has done its job. If it is yellowish, next time you must keep it in your mouth longer. Note the time for your next try.

It’s important to clean your mouth thoroughly after oil pulling. Swish it out with clear water. Use hot water and soap to clean out the sink. The oil you spit out will be contaminated with millions of germs and bacteria.

Once you are completely done cleaning your mouth you should wait about ten minutes before eating anything. In the meantime it’s okay to have a glass of water or two to return the natural saliva to your mouth.

What is accomplished by this technique?

The oil pulls germs and toxins from your system into your saliva. It is a natural form of detoxification. Most folks perform it once a day, in the morning before breakfast. It may be done more often, but you must have an empty stomach so you have to wait at least four to five hours you eat anything. Don’t drink anything for two hours before you start the process (one hour for water or clear liquids).

At first the condition you’re treating may become more aggravated after using this method. Be patient, however, and things will improve quickly after a couple of days.

Many people swear by this natural detoxification process. Even though it was difficult for them at first, it soon felt natural and became part of their regular routine. Most will tell you the health benefits they enjoy are much greater than any temporary discomfort.