Oil Pulling Side Effects Info

Swishing oil is an ancient practice that has been used to cure all sorts of health problems. It is the practice of swishing oil around your mouth in the morning before you eat or drink anything. The goal is to oil pull for up to 20 minutes until the oil becomes thin and white in color.

Ancient civilizations utilized pulling method as a way to keep their mouths healthy and clean. Tons of holistic practitioners still to this day practice it as a way of curing a variety of diseases including; diabetes, acne, and gum disease.

The study of coconut oil pulling has been less than enthusiastic by the actual results. Researchers have published a bunch of medical trials on this method, and many have come up empty in results. While there are trials out there that have shown this method to be a way to kill types of bacteria in the mouth including the bacteria that induces bad breath. However, not much else has been discovered, as of yet.

Oral hygienists would typically not recommend switching your dental care. However, many would recommend that you supplement your traditional dental care with swishing with oil. Traditional dental hygiene practices should still be used and in place in your regimen. This method is certainly not a substitute for these practices. However, it can be a great way to eliminate more bacteria from your mouth which will end up making you a healthy person overall.

A good thing that a lot of people like about this pulling method is that it has virtually no side effects. Many people have reported little to no side effects when completing the practice. This is good news to those that believe this practice works for them.

Considering that no side effects have been reported, it is clear to give it a try. You have nothing to lose by trying this method yourself and seeing if you experience anything from it. Many people believe in the positive benefits of pulling. Whereas, a lot of medical professionals are somewhat skeptical on the claims.

As opposed to Western Medicine, it appears to be a very safe practice that can be beneficial to your dental care regimen. A lot of people have reported success with it by using Coconut Oil. Because coconut oil pulling is so good for your to begin with. Also, it contains antibacterial properties that make it an ideal solution for those with stubborn mouth bacteria and/or bad breath.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth and floss after you oil pull. This will ensure that you remove all of the toxins that you helped “pull” with the oil. It is important not to swallow the oil after you pull. This oil is highly toxic due to the fact that it just pulled out toxins from your blood stream. This method is an interesting Eastern practice and seems to be one of the safer options for people to try.